When Growth for Profit Hurts Your Brand

I’ve been a loyal WordPress proponent for a few years now and have had a great deal of success using it to generate attractive, professional looking websites from blogs, to stand alone web pages, for myself as well as my clients. … More When Growth for Profit Hurts Your Brand


Typography 101

I read an article the other day that said, “Everything you know about marketing, is dead.” I had to let that sink in and I do understand that things are changing all the time. I know marketing has changed with the advent of mobile devices and social media, but I thought I would resurrect some old … More Typography 101

Marketing 101

My first lessons in marketing came as the result of playing in a band. I was fortunate enough to play while I was still in high school and continued after I entered the Army in 1967. I played for about a year in a country band with my first experience playing at the Crystal Palace in … More Marketing 101